Traveling across America with a bike, a book & a German Shepherd to uncover the real story of the 2008 economic earthquake

Our Idea

3,000 miles of asphalt
50 American cities and towns
One motorcycle & one mission

The American economy collapsed in 2008 and many millions of Americans have not been the same since. Their stories have been pushed aside as ‘business as usual’ returned to the U.S. The elites have more than recovered their footing. What about the rest of us? An incredible number of citizens have lost their homes. Many are still out of work, and face a bleak future.

We see a very different country than the one we left in 06. So we are setting out to take an unedited look at what happened and is still happening today. I wrote a novel that follows events during and after the financial earthquake. A group of very capable, and scary women decide things aren’t right, and… It’s being published in January 2014.

We want to give everyday people the chance to speak, and be heard. So we decided to take it on the road, riding light and talking with whomever wants to tell their story. The three of us are committed to moving these stories from the kitchen table to the bully pulpit.

Only when ordinary people speak out, and are listened to, will we be able to bring an end to the economic tyranny of political and financial elite.